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The leading marketing technology company in China

Company Profile

31 Event was founded in 2010, and taking Technology Drives Customer’s Success as the mission. Three clouds were continuously released: Event Cloud, Interactive Cloud and Marketing Cloud. By the end of 2016, 31 Event has provided service for more than 300 thousand companies with more than 1.3 million events. Headquarter of 31 Event is located in Shanghai with 15 branches across China.

31 Event Cloud: By using the technology of the Internet and the Internet of things, to fulfill one-stop full- process digital operation of events, which covers event marketing, online event registration, onsite solutions, mobile solutions for events, data management etc. 31 event cloud optimize the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events.

31 Marketing Cloud: Intelligent Customer Incubation for enterprises, aiming to help marketing department, which covers event management, Wechat marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, customer incubation, leads management and statistical analysis. It’s integrated, modularized and streamlined. 31 marketing cloud improve marketing efficiency and clients experience to increase performance.

31 Interactive Cloud is an engagement platform to stimulate audience to participate the events ,like lucky draw , polls ,and Q&A etc ,all of these are realtime display in the big Screen via wechat or h5 .

31 Product Systems

  • Event Cloud

    one-stop full-process digital event

  • Marketing Cloud

    marketing automatic cloud system

  • Interactive Cloud

    scenarized cross-screen interactive platform

  • Modularization
  • Integration
  • Streamline

Event Cloud:

one-stop full-process digital event

  • Smart invitation
  • Smart agenda
  • Smart notification
  • Smart document
  • Smart sign in
  • Smart on-site
  • Smart monitoring
  • Smart data



Display Template:

  • Website
  • Mobile Website
  • App
  • E-invitation
  • Mini apps


  • Template Selection
  • Style Edit
  • Color Edit
  • Content Edit
  • Module Selection


Form and

Data Statistics


  • Process Setting
  • From Setting
  • Ticket Type
  • Setting
  • E-ticket Setting
  • Payment Setting
  • Discount Setting
  • Reservation
  • Paper Collection
  • Agenda man-
    agement setting
  • SMS setting
  • Email setting
  • Documents
  • Personal center


  • Publicity
  • Channel Setting
  • Channel Effect
  • Supervisor
  • WeChat
  • Email
  • E-post Making
    and Distribution
  • E-invitation
  • Making and

Data Management

  • Attendee
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Housing
  • Management
  • Distribution Data
  • Contact
  • Paper
  • PPT




  • iPad /mobile
  • Wechat
  • Brake
  • Face recognition Bracelet
  • Carpet
  • ID card
  • Self-service
  • On-site Ertification Making
  • Sealing
  • Off-line
  • LAN
  • Housing
  • system
  • Travel System
  • Meal System


  • On-site Prize Draw
  • Vote
  • Wishing Tree
  • Reward
  • Guess
  • WeChat Interaction
  • Shaking for Prize
  • Draw
  • Money counting
  • Bullet Screen
  • Lucky Money

Live Event

  • Live Setting
  • Self-service Live
  • Self-service Recording
  • On-site Live
  • Service


Data Report

  • Attendee Report
  • Housing Report
  • SMS
  • Check-in Report
  • Branch Venue
  • Audience Report
  • Customized

SaaS System

Enterprise activity management PaaS platform
I have request
31 Marketing Cloud, Intelligent leads nurturing
Increasing leads conversion
Increasing efficiency of
inbound Leads
Improving customer
Improving team efficiency
Managing touch point and designing
inbound process: 
website, event, WeChat, micro-web,
poster, SEO, SEM, 
SMS, email and PR news
Design the entrance of potential customer
Design customer scoring system
Design nurturing process
Plan marketing campaign
Decompose marketing actions
Digitally and automatically execute marketing sub-task
Continuously optimize scoring system, nurturing process
and marketing campaign
Plan leads management
Leads pool is connecting with CRM
Sales department follow up
Plan customer maintain and nurturing system
Plan customer maintain marketing campaign
Design related materials and events with marketing campaign
Digitally and automatically execute marketing sub-task
Design customer advocacy mechanism
Provide communication material
Social Group

omni-channel inbound marketing


For data, fans and members, classified, grouping, 
and design customer scoring system 
and nurturing process to improve conversion


Automatically translate into leads 
and enter leads pool via rating. 
The leads pool is connecting with CRM.


Marketing department and sale department
maintain customer together. And divide 
customers into groups, precision operation


Stereoscopic maintenance, long maintain and look forward to repeated purchase


Stereoscopic maintenance, repeated purchase, word of mouth

corss selling

Interactive Cloud

cross-screen interactive platform

  • 3D Opening
  • Red packet rain
  • Rolling draw
  • Signing on
  • Crazy
  • Money counting
  • Tipping
  • Screen interacting
  • Race game
  • Vote
  • Bullet screen
  • Expression
  • Big Screen
  • Mobile platform
  • PC
Application Center
  • Shocking opening

    3D interactive screen

  • Lucky draw

    rolling draw

    shaking draw

    money counting

    Slot machine

    crazy draw

  • On-site interaction

    chatting on screen


    bullet screen

  • Signing ceremony

    Signing ceremony

  • Screen order

    crazy order

  • Funning games


    matching game

    wishing tree

  • On-site research

    vote research


  • Red packet

    Lucky money rain

    Enterprise lucky money

  • Others



  • third-party insert

  • Underlying
  • underlying bundle license
  • data statistics
  • API data interface

Top Ten service support,15 branches
satisfied multi service demands

Professional Protection Data Security

Empirical endorsement

The national information
system security three level
certification. Experiencing multitudinous
international conference,
and satisfied security
standard of the international

Security protection

Using Tencent and Ucloud, and having
he ability of disaster prevention and
remote backup.

Authority division

Divide the authority of
administrator and member, and
each member can set module
permissions, data permissions,
operation privileges, activity
permissions, etc.

Login method

Mobile phone scanning can
verify the security of identity

Owns more than 300 thousand customers trust

  • TMT
  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • FMCG
  • Training
  • Association
  • PR & Conference

More than 100 world Top 500 enterprises

More than 1.3 million conferences achievement

Money20/20 was originally born in the United States, and after its continuous development in Europe, and finally it is now in Asia. Money20/20 is where the Payments, FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem unites to create and explore the disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. The first Money20/20 Asia would be held in Singapore ,focusing on the unique development potential of the Asia Pacific Region. This grand meeting will gather the leading-edge enterprises and elites of the field of finance, payment, and loan to explore the innovative way, solve industry challenges and create better experiences for consumers and sellers.
TechCrunch SHANGHAI CHINA 2017
The TechCrunch conference series combines leading innovator interviews with a startup launch competition and attracts over 2,000 attendees in New York, San Francisco, Beijing, and Shanghai.\u2028It has been four years since TechCrunch.cn and the TechCrunch China Summit landed in China. In that time, we have seen 7 sessions in Beijing and Shanghai with more than 560 speaker, including the world’s most famous entrepreneur, venture investor like Alphabet/Google CEO Mr. Eric Schmidt, Xiaoping Xu, Fan Bao, Kaifu Li, Yossi Vardi, Davide Cole, and Huateng Ma, CEO of Tencent as well as other high-profile guests from around the world from companies including, Twitter, ZTE, DJI, Xiaomi, iRobot, Smartisan, Mobike, Sogou, Mogujie, Ele.me, and NextVR.\u2028Each session has attracted 200+ startups, 170+ media around the world, furthermore, our feature VC Meetup sessions attracted 800+ startups to participate. The annual TechCrunch Summit is the definitive international venture conference in China.
  • International conference

    • World Internet Conference 2014
    • Shenzhen International Low-
      Carbon City Forum
    • 34th ISAG Conference 
  • Brand PR activities

    • Baoku treasury
    • 2015 Autumn innovative
      ceremony by Zhisland
    • YICAI Wealth Carnivall
  • Academic Conference

    • EVERGRAND 20th anniversary
    • VANKE annual global conference
    • COOLPAD Spring Festival Gala
  • Brand public relations activities

    • Cloud Stadium
    • Haier “Hi, let’s running”5km
    • Wuxi ten thousand people chess tournament
  • Press conference

    • TechCrunch SHANGHAI CHINA
    • CSCFIS
    • Global Minor Enterprise Conference
  • User conference

    • Lenovo Global Supplier Conference
    • Baidu Marketing Conference
    • Phoenix User Conference
  • Annual meeting

    • Winning in the micro innovation courses
    • Anthony·Robbins: The ultimate advantage
    • Kevin Kelly Special lecture in
  • Work shop

    • Shanghai International Nursing Conference
    • 34th ISAG Conference
    • 7th China National Conference of Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Exhibition

    • YICAI New product release
    • ICBI mini platinum card release
    • TUNIU ticket hotel Strategy Conference
  • Competition

    • Shanghai international consumer information Festival
    • 18th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai
    • 6th All in Print

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Headquarters in Shanghai

Address: 15L, No. 58, Road Xiangcheng, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Branches: Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Wuhan,
Zhengzhou, Changsha, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Tianjin, Wuxi

Hotline: 400-690-3131

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